Peak Music Recording Studios

Peak Music is currently building a private, world class music recording and mixing facility in St Kilda East, Melbourne, Australia.

Under construction are two large format control rooms, three separate recording spaces including live and dead rooms and on-site accommodation for interstate and international guests.

Studio 1 incorporates a 58 channel automated SSL console with Pro Tools HD3 and is designated to recording and mixing projects.

Studio 2 houses a Toft 32 channel console with Pro Tools 10 and is designated to pre-production, recording and editing projects.

Both studios include an extensive array of floating microphones and outboard gear. For additional analogue requirements an Otari 2” 24 track tape machine with Dolby SR is located in studio 2 with tie lines to studio 1.

Studio 1

  • Classic 58 channel SSL6000E/G+ fully recapped, automated analogue mixing console with Total Recall and Al Smart 2-Tools Pro Tools synchronisation.
  • HD3 Pro Tools 8. Apogee 192k with 32 separate ins and 48 separate outs.
  • Quested, JBL & Yamaha monitors with Crown amplifiers.


Studio 2

  • Toft ATB 32 version 2.1 analogue mixing console with modified meter bridge.
  • Pro Tools 10. RME 192k with 16 separate ins and 16 separate outs.
  • Quested, JBL & Tannoy monitors with Crown amplifiers.
Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Rode, Beyer Dynamic, EV, Pzm plus an eclectic array of Vintage Mics, Hydrophones & Underwater Speakers.
Outboard Mic Pres and EQs:
Massenburg – GML, Focusrite, Harrison, Urei, Orban, Symetrix, BBE, Joe Meek, Ampex valve custom, Ampex solid state custom.
Outboard Dynamics and Effects:
Urei, AMS, Lexicon, Drawmer, DBX, Orban, Aphex, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Sansamp, TC, British Spring.
Real Instruments:
A tasty selection of Drums, Guitars, Basses, Synths, Keys, Amps and Pedals.
Software Plug Ins:
Waves, Native Instruments Komplete, Focusrite, Sonnox Oxford, Joe Meek, Fairchild, SansAmp, ReVibe, Moogerfooger, Amp Farm, Sonalksis, Guitar Rig, Spektral Delay, Lexicon.
Virtual Instruments:
Absynth, Akoustic Piano, B4, Battery, Cameleon, Elektrik Piano, FM8, Kontakt, Pro-53, Reaktor, Vokator, Bruno, Indigo, Reso, Waldorf, Rob Papen Albino, reFX.